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St8878048eve Oren –  Keller Williams Realty

Mr. William is the most friendly, professional and experience appraiser that I ever ran across in 15 years as Realtor.Using him to appraise home value in difficult situations and when we, the Realtors, need an independent appraiser to support us and provide true and honest evaluation of value.


 IngridEvansIngrid Evans – Evans Law Firm

Professional and ethical. Mr. William knows property valuation and is someone to be trusted in this area.


Julie 7822578Mahoney – Dilbeck Real Estate

Ran William…my new go-to appraiser.  He will be added to my professional network of affiliates and I would highly recommend him to any of my colleagues.  We as Realtors don’t often have a choice when it comes to bank appraisers, however, on the occasion that I do need an independent appraiser, Ran’s my Man!


A509369da “Adi” Livyatan – Rodeo Realty

Ran William is one of the best appraisers I have come across. He is friendly and professional to say the least. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs an independent appraiser. In the many times I have used or worked with Ran, my experiences were extremely positive!


Untitled 75Roxana Bradley – Bradley and Associates

Ran William from Valuation Services, Inc is an outstanding appraisal very professional and attentive to details the work was very detailed and accurate.